Install silently

With just a few clicks, selected applications are installed, uninstalled or updated on computers.

Create user groups to target their specific needs according to their interests. For example, install only accounting-related software.

AppliSecure presentation. AppliSecure application distribution based on interests.

Customizable application packages

AppliSecure offers a selection of royalty-free applications for direct use.

AppliSecure also lets you use your own application packages.

AppliSecure presentation. Selection of royalty-free applications.

Smart automation

Free your teams from repetitive and time-consuming tasks by creating daily, weekly, monthly, etc. automations.

For example, trigger the automatic download and/or update of certain applications at a specific time.

AppliSecure presentation. Notification received on a computer informing of automatic update at 9pm.

A hand bearing a coat of arms, symbolizing security.


Only applications approved by administrators can be downloaded to computers.

You choose the degree of end-user freedom (e.g.: only administrators can run installations or uninstallations on workstations).

Clock symbolizing the opportunity to save time


Homogenize your IT assets by creating a package of applications to suit your needs. In just a few clicks, applications can be installed, uninstalled or updated for one or more users.

Group of connected users.


Free your teams from repetitive, time-consuming tasks by creating daily, weekly or monthly automations. Automatically update certain applications, for example.